Greek state issues residency permits “GOLDEN VISA” for third country citizens who invest in real estate property in Greece at least 250,000 Euros.

Our company with its legal department undertakes the issuing of a “golden visa”.

We offer for sale any combination of the apartments exposed in this site as new, plus few others that are already rented 77, 45, 43 and 28 m2 respectively, so that you meet the “golden visa Greece” program requirements (250,000 Euros at least).

We can take care of the rented apartments, we can even find people who wish to rent the new apartments FOR YOU, in case you buy them.


1) In the building at Skopelou str (see in the site the tab “apartments for sale”) there are for sale the apartment of the 6th fl, shown in the site, and the exactly same apartment in the 5th fl. Both at 250.000 Euro plus tax 3%.

2) In the building at Peston 17 str any combination of 2 out of the 3 apartments for sale shown in the site.

Apartment 7th fl 61sqm + apartment 1st fl 81sqm for 250.000 Euro plus tax 3%

Apartment 7th fl 72sqm + apartment 1st fl 81sqm for 255.000 Euro plus tax 3%

Apartment 7th fl 61sqm + apartment 7th fl 72sqm for 265.000 Euro plus tax 3%

3) Many more