Our company was founded in 1998, and since then its purpose is the construction of apartment and office buildings, shops, and villas. Its administrator, Andreas Grintzias, a civil engineer who has over 30 years of experience; and either alone, or in cooperation with other companies, (but acting always as the project manager) has constructed public houses and offices, streets, highways, etc., in many places in Greece, in Grevena and Stylida, the Transportation Co (ΚΤΕΛ) building in Karditsa, also other private buildings and offices, 16 apartment multistorey buildings in Halandri, Papagou, and Kypseli (total 220 apartments) in Athens, and 2 solar plants in Peloponnese. His knowledge, and primarily his experience, is exceptional, as he has been doing this job from a young age until now ( he is 59 years old). He has a“D class diploma”, issued by the state , which is the highest rank for construction of building, offices, waterworks, and highways .
Our company can arrange GOLDEN VISAS for clients who live outside the European Union, for free.

Our company gives the greatest importance to the following:

  • SAFETY AGAINST EARTHQUAKES: Earthquake safety design is the most important in a building, The concrete and iron work is constructed not only in every detail according to the structural drawings, which follow the latest governmental regulations. There are daily earthquake safety checks by an onsite supervisor-engineer, who also has special equipment to check the strength of the concrete. ARCHITECTURE: All verandas are done in earth colors and are as large as possible, either round or square. We do not prefer glass railings because they need constant cleaning.
  • ERGONOMICS: There are never long corridors to take up useful places in the house. The design is such that almost every square inch has a practical use.
  • INSULATIONS: Insulation against sound is with the best and most expensive materials. A sheet of lead is placed within the walls between the apartments for maximum sound insulation and privacy.
  • HEATING SYSTEMS: All of our apartments have an individual natural gas boiler, so the heating system provides not only “autonomy”, but absolute independence. There is no basic charges to pay or disputes among the residents about if, when and how many hours the heating system will be run. This system has a further advantage: it provides hot water to the kitchen and the bathroom without using electricity.
  • REMARKABLE USE OF THE ROOF OF THE BUILDING: There is a small public area on the roof for people living there to install antennas, but all the rest of the very spacious area, is divided in two parts and each one is given for private use only to the two apartments below. This offers an additional space to be used as a balcony or “veranda” with an exceptional view. Natural or artificial plants or bamboo sticks, even trees could be placed around it to prevent indiscrete glances. Gatherings, events, or serious business meetings can take place here. At the top of this roof, there are girders so even trellis’ can be placed. After all these arrangements, the roof will be transformed into a real oasis, especially when the weather is not cold.
  • THE APARTMENT BUILDING REGULATIONS: We, ourselves write the regulations (which are considered laws in Greece and implemented as such). These rules cover every possible trouble-making issue. They determine how many hours of quietness, noon and night will be enforced in the building. They include the exterior color of the awnings, or “sunshades” (which will be yellow-white) so the owners cannot put whatever color they prefer and spoil the beauty and harmony of the colors of the building. The building regulations also cover the obligatory planting of flowers and trees in the garden, the hiring of a gardener (so the building is kept beautiful) as well as a prohibition of placing anything in the ground (which would lead to many disputes). The utilities costs are shared in a fair way.
  • OTHER MATERIALS: The company uses materials of good quality. The floors in the bedrooms are of oak and Legrand switches are used, and there are fireplaces in many apartments.
  • PARKING SPACES: There are enough parking spaces for the apartments and more that can be rented.
  • GENERAL APPROACH: Out of respect for our clients, we check the least detail for imperfections and glitches. We feel that our best advertisement is our satisfied customers.
  • SERVICE TO CLIENTS: There is always an agreement between us and the buyers concerning the materials they want in their home. If the materials they want are more expensive that what we use regularly, they need only to pay the difference.
  • CONSISTENCY: the company, except for a massive strike or other unsurpassable obstacle, always meets the agreed upon deadlines.


The result of our experience and know-how, along with well- trained and seasoned workers, shows in the successful completion of works with distinctive characteristics. This has made our company well known in the real estate market.

as the utmost utilizer of all living areas in the apartment,(without unnecessary places, like long corridors).

for the quality of the constructions , firmness and durability.

for the aftersales service of the constructions.

for the constant supervision of the works.

Having always in mind the art of construction and the science of the engineering, our company has constructed many works of high quality and specifications and continues its successful endeavors, as witnessed by the constructions and sales of many houses, offices, renovations, and other works both public and private.

  • Our construction company has already passed its 20th year in the real estate market. In those years it has built many multistory buildings and other works in Athens.
  • We plan, program and finish works that are conducive to the improvement of the quality of life of our clients.
  • We constantly improve our works using new innovative materials and methods and we care about the environment. Applying European specifications, we emphasize on lowering the environmental footprint as well as the necessity to save energy.
  • We participate in the evolution of the methods and materials. We are always aware of the progress of constructions, and we apply the most recent innovations.

– Speed
– Major experience
– Respect to our clients
– Credibility
– Responsibility
– Flexible services

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