Information About Multistorey Building Komanou 2-4

  • In this building there is no other owner; it belongs entirely to our company. This is a great advantage, since the one who will buy it, can do whatever he wants (demolish walls, unite apartments horizontally or vertically or both, change the regulations of the building, etc., not depending on anyone’s permission or consent.
  • Among other means of transportation, a metro station which will be constructed soon (in about 3 years, as we know), exactly in the Square, will remarkably increase the value of the apartments and the parking spaces. The buyer will be able to rent parking spaces and appartments at a high rental (or sell them at much higher price than he buys now) due to the metro station, when it is constructed.
  • Although the building is so close to the Kypseli Square the environment around the building it is very quiet. From the streets around it very few cars pass very rarely.
  • DESIGN OF THE BUILDING: 7 floors with 19 apartments, a ground floor with 13 parking spaces and garden, and 4 basement levels with 35 parking spaces for cars, 16 for motorcycles, and 20 storage areas.
  • The access to the basement levels by cars or motorcycles is very easy. The down ramps have a slight slope, or from inside the building an elevator reaches from the fourth basement level to the sixth floor.
  • The balconies are large.
  • The bedrooms have oak floors, the windows and doors are energy efficient, and there are panel heating radiators. Every apartment is equipped with a condensation natural gas boiler, so the heating system provides not only “autonomy”, but absolute independence. Every resident turns on the heating system if and when he wants, for as many hours as he wants, not depending on the other occupants and not paying any basic charges. Because the heating system is autonomous, every resident only pays for what he consumes. This system has a further important advantage: it provides hot water to the kitchen and the bathroom without using electricity.
  • The building is new, constructed according to the latest regulation for safety against earthquakes.

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