Information About Multistorey Building Peston 17-21


It is located one street far from Evelpidon street, near the main entrance of the Courts.

  • Although located so close to Evelpidon street, the environment around the building is quiet.
  • Although it is located near Kypseli, the region is much more upgraded and much more quiet.
  • TRANSPORTATION: in Evelpidon street there are buses, taxis, a trolley and soon a metro station will be constructed closeby (this project is already approved) that will remarkably increase the prices of the apartments and of the parking lots.
  • SHOPS: there are no shops too close to the building, a fact that conduces to quietness; there are not many people or noise. A bit closer to Evelpidon there is a Super Market .One street far there is a pharmacy, mini-market, open more hours than other shops, a bakery and shop to buy newspapers, candies, cigarettes, and other little things. In Kerkyras street, very close, there are banks, pharmacies, another Super Market, and other various kinds of shops. In the nearby Square (Kypseli Square) there is a Post Office, 4 Banks, a travel agent, various medical doctors, Super Market , pharmacies, and other kinds of shops. From this Square, Fokionos Negri street emerges. It is a beautiful and large pedestrian-only street where one can find cafeterias, bars, fast food, clothing shops and theaters. At Kypselis street, which also begins from this Square, there are various kinds of shops.
  • DESIGN OF THE BUILDING: 7 floors with 25 apartments, a ground floor with 14 parking spaces and garden, 4 basement levels with parking spaces for 48 cars, 15 motorcycles and 15 storage areas.
  • ACCESS TO THE TWO FIRST BASEMENT LEVELS of cars and motorcycles: through ramp with slight slope and at the third basement level through car-elevator. From inside the building an elevator, reaches from the 4th basement level to the 7th floor.
  • HEATING SYSTEM Every apartment is equipped with a natural gas boiler, so the heating system provides not only “autonomy”, but absolute independence. Every resident turns on the heating system if and when he wants, for as many hours as he wants, not depending on the other occupants and not paying any basic charges. Because the heating system is autonomous, every resident only pays for what he consumes. A further important advantage: it provides hot water to the kitchen and the bathroom without using electricity.
  • There are panel heating radiators in each apartment.
  • There are oak floors in the bedrooms.
  • The building is new, built according to the latest regulations on safety against earthquakes.
  • The entrance to the building is protected by many safety systems: there is a safety door and one central external door made of iron bars which is always locked after 12.00 night.
  • The ground floor is very beautiful, with garden and very nice tiles.

Features storage area, absolutely independent heating system by individual natural gas boiler, insulation against noise with lead sheets placed within the walls separating the one apartment from the other, expensive materials.

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