Information About Multistorey Building Skopelou

One street far from the Kanari Square (known as Kypseli Square), Skopelou 31 street, the above new and completed apartment is for sale.


  • Although located so close to Kypseli Square (150 meters=500feet), the environment around the building is quiet.
  • TRANSPORTATION: Nearby Kypseli Square has buses, taxis,trolleys and soon a metro station will be constructed there (this project is already approved). This will remarkably increase the prices of the apartment and of the parking spaces.
  • At Kypseli street which is only 70 meters (=230 feet) away there are bus stops. There is another bus going downtown through nearby Kerkyras street (70 meters away=230feet).
  • SHOPS – ENTERTAINMENT: At the Square there is Post Office, 4 Banks, a travel agent, various medical doctors, a Super Market, pharmacies, and other shops. From this Square emerges the beautiful pedestrian-only street, Fokionos Negri, where one can find cafeterias, bars, fast food, clothing shops, etc. At Kypselis street, which also begins from this Square, there are many various kinds of shops.
  • DESIGN of the building: 9 floors with 33 appartments, ground floor with 13 parking spaces and gardens, and 4 basement levels with 65 parking spaces for cars, 36 for motorcycles, and 26 storage areas.
  • ACCESS to the parking spaces of the basement levels: The first and the second basement are accessible by ramps with a slight slope, and the third by a special car-elevator, and from inside the building by an additional elevator for people only for the 3 basement levels.
  • In the building there is a generator unit which is turned on automatically if the electricity has stopped, providing electricity to the public areas (lights at the floors and stairs, elevators, etc).
  • HEATING SYSTEM: Every apartment is equipped with a natural gas boiler, so the heating system provides not only “autonomy”, but absolute independence. Every resident turns on the heating system if and when he wants, for as many hours as he wants, not depending on the other occupants and not paying any basic charges. Because the heating system is autonomous, every resident only pays for what he consumes. A further important advantage: it provides hot water to the kitchen and the bathroom without using electricity.
  • The shared expences are very few (about 20 euros per month) because the building is very large (there are 33 apartments), without basic charges for “autonomy heating”, since there is absolute independence, as mentioned above.
  • The verandas are large.
  • All apartments have panel radiators και oak floors in the bedrooms.
  • The building is constructed according to the latest specifications for safety against earthquakes.

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