Why the investment is attractive?

  • The building is for sale at a very good price, one that is actually below the cost. Still, the price is negotiable, but the money must be given abroad.
  • In this building there is no other owner; it belongs entirely to our company. This is a great advantage, since the one who will buy it can do whatever he wants (demolish walls, unite apartments horizontally or vertically or both, change the regulations of the building, etc., not depending on anyone’s permission or consent.
  • The metro station which will be constructed soon (in about 3 years) exactly in the Square, will remarkably increase the price of the investment. The buyer will be able to rent parking spaces and apartments at a high rental (or sell them at much higher price than he buys now) due to the metro station, when it is constructed.
  • Because the buyer will be buying the entire building at once, the price will be low, but he will be able to rent or sale apartments at a higher price, as the environment around the building is very quiet. Few cars pass on the streets around it, and although the building is very close to the Square, shops, clubs, etc., at the same time it is very quiet.
  • Access to the basement levels by cars or motorcycles is very easy. The down ramps have a slight slope, or from inside the building, an elevator reaches from the fourth basement level to the sixth floor.
  • The balconies are large.
  • The bedrooms have oak floors, the windows and doors are energy efficient, and there are panel heating radiators. Every apartment is equipped with a condensation natural gas boiler, so the heating system provides not only “autonomy”, but absolute independence. Every resident turns on the heating system if and when he wants, for as many hours as he wants, not depending on the other occupants and not paying any basic charges. Because the heating system is autonomous, every resident only pays for what he consumes. This system has a further important advantage: it provides hot water to the kitchen and the bathroom without using electricity.
  • The building is constructed according to the latest regulations for safety against earthquakes, which has been observed and is requested by the law.
  • The buyer can ask us to rearrange some apartments (like demolishing walls) and will pay only the cost of the materials (no fees).
  • There is a fireplace in many apartments.
  • REMARKABLE USE OF THE ROOF OF THE BUILDING: There is a small public area on the roof for people living there to install antennas, but all the rest of the very spacious area, is divided in two parts and each one is given for private use only to the two apartments below. This offers an additional space to be used as a balcony or “veranda” with an exceptional view. Natural or artificial plants or bamboo sticks, even trees could be placed around it to prevent indiscrete glances. Gatherings, events, or serious business meetings can take place here. At the top of this roof, there are girders so even trellis’ can be placed. After all these arrangements, the roof will be transformed into a real oasis, especially when the weather is not cold. This is another great advantage, since the top two apartments can be sold at a more expensive price.

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